Neobadges is a website that applies video game mechanics to Neocities.

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What is Neobadges?

Neobadges is a website that applies game-like mechanics to Neocities. At the momemnt we only have badges, which are similar to achievments and can be recieved if the their requirements are met. Feel free to find badges, show them to your friends and even compete with them! Our job is to motivate you to work on your amazing website!

How do I start?

Type in your neocities username here on the index page, press enter and wait for the page to load. Your badges will then be displayed.

I heard I can change my avatar and such, how so?

You can do this by linking your Neocities account to your Discord account. In order to do this you have to join the Neocities Fan-Server, go to the #general chat and type n!help for a list of commands that you can use.

Can I embed the badges I have on my website?

Yeah! When you're on your badge page, click on the iframe button and the code will be copied to your clipboard.

How can I help?

You can suggest badges or even help work on the website by going to the Neocities Fan-Server and posting on the #neocities-discussion channel or on our Trello.